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Gift vouchers are available to buy at the salon or alternatively you can email or call to pay for your voucher and have it posted to you.

*Gift vouchers are valid for a year. 
(Promotional vouchers may not be valid for a year. Lost vouchers can not be replaced)

Our Treatments


At Norsworthys health and Beauty we use a wide range of brand leader bespoke treatments.


For Brazilian and Hollywood waxing we also have the option of hot wax.

Norsworthys Facials 

Our Dead Sea face spa offers customers the chance to benefit from a combination of rich, powerful ingredients that can really make a difference. The facial skincare products we offer from La Cure include natural fruit extracts, Vitamin E and the abundant minerals of the Dead Sea. This unique, special combination of substances produces a facial treatment mixture that leaves your skin in great condition, nurtured and boosted naturally.

Gentle enough for use on sensitive or older skin yet still producing a range of positive benefits. Naturally high in essential minerals, products which include Dead Sea ingredients can significantly improve skin condition, providing deep down cleansing and rejuvenation that's always appealing. If you want to use the healing power of nature to achieve lasting skin enhancement, Dead Sea face cream or a Dead Sea face scrub can work really well.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone treatments alternate warmth and cold -- a technique which has proven beneficial to soothe an aching body. There's a method behind the madness of leaping from a toasty sauna into an icy pool, and hot stone massage uses the same principle.

Hot stone massage combines relaxing warmth and refreshing coolness to encourage the body to detox and heal. This also increases lymph flow and helps to flush out waste.

Heat relaxes your body in a short space of time, so your therapist can focus on a deep working of the tissues using both hot stones and hand strokes.

Hot stones also increase your sense of relaxation and calm. They are coated in fragrant oil which is smoothed gently onto your body, and each stone in turn is worked by your therapist's hands.

Jessica Nails

Jessica Prescriptive Manicure  (1hour) 
Nails are analysed and treated for their specific type.  Jessica’s prescriptive manicure includes massage and cuticle care.  Nails are beautifully shaped and treated with a prescriptive basecoat before finishing with the perfect polish.

Jessica Prescriptive Manicure with Thermal Heated Mittens  (1 hour 15) 
Jessica’s Prescriptive Manicure with the luxurious added benefits of Thermal Heated Mittens for deeper penetration of oils and creams. This treatment choice is excellent for increasing circulation or relieving stiff, painful joints.

The Jessica Half Hour file and paint  (30 minutes)
Nails are beautifully shaped and treated with a prescriptive basecoat, completed by the perfect polish.


GELeration Gel Overlay Manicure (1hour)
Includes hand massage, cuticle care & nail shape and finished with Jessica’s GELeration gel polish.

Pedicure  (1 hour)
Luxury foot and leg treatment. Hard skin will be removed, feet and legs will be massaged with deep conditioning creams leaving them softer and smoother, your cuticles will be groomed and your toenails will be beautifully shaped and perfectly polished.


 Pedicure Deluxe  (1 hour 15 minutes)
Jessica’s ZenSpa pedicure with the luxurious added benefits of Thermal Heated Booties for deeper penetration of oils and creams. Excellent for increasing circulation and relieving stiff, painful joints

Pedicure with GELeration (60 minutes)
Luxury foot and leg treatment. Hard skin is removed, feet and legs are massaged with conditioning creams. Cuticles are groomed & toe nails are shaped, finished with Jessica’s GELeration gel polish.